The $26 Haircut.

In Uncategorized on May 22, 2009 at 1:23 pm

Cutting back certain luxuries is a great way to whittle down your budget. A major luxury for me that was always a big emotional pick-me-up was a visit to the salon. And don’t get me wrong, I was never one to go all out and get the manicure, pedicure and facial with my haircut. I just got highlights, a cut and style, and maybe a product if my hair was really feeling tired. And I wasn’t even going every six weeks! It was probably about every 2.5 months. Once I started my debt repayment, the first thing to go was my salon colouring. Back to box-dye for me! And you know what? I was really, genuinely happy with the colour I got and the texture it gave to my hair, which is very fine and slippery by nature – I call it baby hair. That same night I gave my ends a little trim just to clean it up. As nice as it was to save a bit of cash there (I used to spend about $150 on a cut and highlight in a usual visit, and this was at a salon I had sourced out by recommendation and rates for the best value) I’m not so sure I can give myself a full haircut. Bangs, yes – full head of hair… probably not. I just don’t have the proper mirrors set up or scissors that give a nice fine snip. And the length of my hair is a little difficult to trim, as it is about chin length. This style usually comes with a lot of layers, and not being able to pull the hair around and look at it in front of your face, my arms got tired from reaching behind my head with elbows raised.

There is always the option of going to FirstChoice, or another chain, but in my experience the care and attention received was never up to my personal standards. Not to mention I will never forget the haircut I received when my bangs were blatantly crooked – to an 11-year old this can be mortifying! Plus, I am not quite ready to forego a professional appearance just to save a bit more money – I mean I do have a career to keep! And remind me to write a post about the best asset you have for your debt repayment later…

To get to the point of this post – I’ve found a solution to high priced haircuts! Get thee to a small town. Here, excellent stylists have set up their own businesses to be close to family, where they grew up, or simply because they appreciate the lifestyle of rural communities. You get the salon treatment, but at a cheaper pricepoint because overhead costs are not as high. For example, the salon in my Mom’s town charges $26 for a wash, cut, style and blow dry. If I wanted, I was told I could pay $14 and just leave with my hair wet. What a great place! I’ve got an appointment for a week from Saturday, so I will be sure to provide a review of my experience.

  1. You’re absolutely right about the small town. Every time I have lived in a small town (of course, when I say small town I mean between 70,000 – 300,000 – it’s small compared to Toronto, after all) the price is waaay cheaper. In Peterborough, for example, I used to get an expert cut and colour (loved it) for $50 inclusive. And here in Guelph and Waterloo region I pay about $30 for a really great cut. Compare this to Toronto prices and you’re saving a whack of money.

    • It is amazing how much you can end up spending on things like haircuts and personal care products. I’ve cut back significantly on the products I buy for things like shaving, moisturizing, shampooing… I just don’t need it all. And as a result my skin and hair has made significant improvements in its health.

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