Make a Plan and Get on with your Life!

In Uncategorized on June 12, 2009 at 8:54 pm

When I finally fessed up to my debt load, it was overwhelming. And I will admit I was obsessed with the numbers even after I had made a plan and put it into play. It is hard to turn away from them and enjoy life as it happens. It’s funny how something like this can consume you, almost as much as the shopping and consuming, in the buying sense of the word, did in my ‘debt-building’ days. Its like a complete 180!

But you have to make yourself a schedule for your worrying – check your bank accounts once or twice a week, run the numbers through your budget, double-check your credit card bills online once a week – this keeps you on track. Once you have done your checking and double-checking move on! Enjoy your evenings with loved ones, go out with your buddies (within your entertainment budget for the week, of course), take walks in the park, and don’t even once think about the money. Because you’ve done your work, you have a plan you are following, and in between payments to your debt you still need to live your life.

After all, our days on this Earth are not infinite and if we don’t love our lives when we have the chance no amount of money in the world could ever bring these moments back to us.

So go out and enjoy that sunshine!


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