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Life can get in the way of getting blog posts written! Proof in point…

As maid of honour to my best friend this year, a lot of time has been spent planning, organizing, actualizing and participating in wedding-related events.

An associated honour of being in the bridal party is diverting part of your income to said events. Not that I am not appreciative of being important enough to be named part of the celebration, but those costs can really add up. And you have to plan for them. Some of us plan for them better than others, and sometimes unexpected costs come up.

A wedding itself can get carried away with costs for the bride and groom, but what about the guests and the bridal party? Out of town weddings have travel costs associated with them such as gas, vehicle mileage/maintenance, hotel nights, and meals. Not to mention any time off work that may be required. Those are costs in addition to the usual things you need to attend a wedding such as your gift (shower, and wedding for some!), drycleaning of suits, any new outfits or parts of outfits, hair styling, maybe new makeup, drinks at the wedding, taxis to and from reception/ceremony and on and on.

But weddings don’t have to be expensive for the guests. There are ways to be frugal and still enjoy the event. The one thing I do not cheap out on however is the gift. If you can’t give a gift, do not attend the wedding. Send the gift instead if it is going to cost too much to be there in person. This being said, gifts don’t need to break the bank! A thoughtful parcel can mean a lot more the couple than a cash gift. One of the gifts we received was a beautiful photo album with a $10 gift card to go towards printing some digital photos. This was a really nice gesture, and if we didn’t have that album on hand I probably would still not have put any photos into any album!

All of this little blurb of mine is just to say that weddings can add up. Both in time and money. You know about wedding well in advance so make it a line item in your budget if you know you will be in one in the coming future. It eases the big payments for attire, gifts and travel because you will have accounted for it early on. And be sure to remember that you will need to attend a shower/bachelor/bachelorette, a rehearsal and dinner, possibly need to travel/hotel, hair and makeup (if the bride requests it), shoes, jewellery, and so on.

If you simply can’t allow for this in your budget, then politely decline the honour and ask if there is anything else you can do for the wedding that would be meaningful (give a reading, if you are crafty help with some of the decorations/favours, if you are talented, perhaps a song or play an instrument). Explain your reasoning – any good friend would never hold it against your friendship if you simply could not afford to be a part of the wedding party. But you need to be honest and upfront with them in the beginning. Backing out halfway through can cause a lot of stress for everyone involved.

But love is grand, no? 😉

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