Vacation Fund Will Be Full in January.

In Uncategorized on October 1, 2009 at 1:41 pm

So I’ve blogged before about saving up for Vacation in my Vacay Fund.

Today as I was tallying my monthly spending for September (will post about *that* later) and was working my budget, I realized I have met my January Vacay Goal! As in, if my savings contributions continue until the end of December the amount I want set aside will be achieved. Yes, we are planning two different vacations in the next 6 months. One is a mini-getaway we booked on train points for our anniversary and the other is a last minute hot destination vacation we are planning for early winter. These will likely be the last trips we take before our family grows, and we certainly aren’t spending a lot on them, but they are being planned and saved for in advance so my debt repayment hasn’t been affected at all.

Also on the PF achievements is decreasing one of my credit card interest rates to 11.5% from 18.5%.

I’d been unwilling to drop my travel points bonus with that card (even though it came with a hefty interest rate AND a $120 annual fee!) but realized I was just being ridiculous. Chalk it up to denial, or whatever, but that will definitely increase the rate of debt repayment quite significantly. I can always get the rewards back when I have gotten rid of all consumer debt. Until then, too bad! I shouldn’t be travelling much anyways with all this debt on my back. It makes for sore shoulders….


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