No Spend Month: Update

In Uncategorized on October 5, 2009 at 12:15 pm

Spent so far in October:

post office
I had to spend this to ship something back to a friend. It was a time sensitive mailing so I paid Xpresspost rates.

Christmas gift
This was actually a cheque I had sent about 3 weeks ago that just recently got cashed. I should get the gift in the mail this week and will be able to scratch the in-laws off my Christmas list.

fast food
Spent for hubby so he had something to eat while we helped out friends out this weekend.

Toiletries and household items.

Christmas gift supplies
I committed to making almost all of my Christmas gifts this year! This was some yarn.

So far the unexpected spending category totals $12.96 for the postage and fast food. Reflecting on these, I wish I had just put a regular stamp on my mailed item instead of paying the premium, as I’m sure my friend would understand. As for the fast food, I should have just packed along some snacks from home, but we hadn’t planned on needing to buy food… Ugh.

Christmas gifts and supplies are part of a budget line I contribute to every month all year long so they are not counted towards my no-spend-month.

I feel kind of crappy about spending the money I have so far, but instead of dwelling on these things I will be carrying on through my no-spend goal in hopes of being able to contribute a good sized snowflake at month’s end to my debt repayment plan.

Some upcoming costs for the month include more supplies for Christmas gifts, gas money for travel on the Thanksgiving weekend, and we are out of cat food, but this is also budgeted.


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