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Thanksgiving is a great Canadian holiday. It usually means a lot of food, celebrating the harvest, and seeing loved ones. At least, that is what it means to me and my family. We are still at the stage where we travel home to our parents’ places for Thanksgiving dinner. This year, we are going to hubby’s. We leave tomorrow after work and will come home Sunday leaving us one day of ‘us’ time. We don’t have any real tradition, but I think that is something we will start when we have our own family. Activities like a fall hike, picking apples, baking, family portraits, visits to the farm or pumpkin patch come to mind as good ideas of things to do as a family.

It will be refreshing to see the family (in-laws), including the cutest nephew ever, and to reconnect. We most likely won’t see everyone again until Christmas. We’ll feast on turkey and all the fixings on Saturday afternoon and probably get together with some friends from the area Saturday night. We’ll be home by Sunday so our little one only has three days without us (poor little guy, he’s going to miss us so much!)

This weekend will be costing some extra funds in the ‘Transportation’ fund, but otherwise won’t cost anything. Hubby will probably have a few drinks if we go out with friends, but I have a feeling our friends may just come over and we’ll spend the night in.

What are your traditions for Thanksgiving?

  1. Sounds like you will be having a great holiday weekend!

    We always have two dinners for every holiday. One with my family, with three grandsons and two puppies running around. The other with my husband’s family, with five grandkids. Both are a lot of fun. This year it will just be my husband’s family as my brother is in the hospital…so hopefully we will make it up another weekend.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    • @Heather:

      I’m sorry to hear about your brother in the hospital. I know about how that feels all too well. 😦

      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you both!

    As you read on my blog, my husband is Canadian so I’m planning to make a Thanksgiving meal for him and our son this weekend (probably on Sunday since I work on Monday and won’t have time to prepare a large meal!)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the recipe suggestions! It’s much appreciated!

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