Christmas Craft Ideas

In Uncategorized on October 14, 2009 at 8:00 am

I’ve been obsessed with crafty blogs lately. I will start adding the ones I follow to the sidebar for anyone that might be interested in what I read.

There are a ton of things on my ‘to-make’ list, especially since I decided to make this a Handmade Christmas. This means I am making ALL of the gifts I will be giving this year. As a result, everyone will be getting more thoughtful and heartfelt gifts. But since I am the ever-practical person, I can’t just make people ‘crap’. If I am making them a gift, it must be useful and appropriate for the receiver.

Here are some amazing and useful crafts I’ve got on my list so far:

Chequebook Covers

Camera Straps

Decorative Jars (for another gift I’m making, but won’t post it yet!)

Here are some I plan to make just for myself:
Renewed Filing Cabinet

And these are things I could make to have on hand for things like housewarming gifts and hostess gifts:
Crochet Dish Scrubbers

Cork Trivet

What are some of your thrifty craft ideas?

  1. I don’t have any crafty ideas to share, as I’m the least creative person out there, but I love the ideas you already have! Make sure to post some pics when you’re finished your projects!

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