Menu Planning

In Uncategorized on October 21, 2009 at 10:43 am

Menu Planning – it seems to be a popular thing to do. Do you do it? I don’t.

But maybe I should start?

The few things I would need to overcome:

1. Our schedules are not regular. Like, at all. Hubby is away several days a week. We are often not at home on the weekends on sporadic events at friends places, etc, usually only planned at the last minute.

2. When hubby’s away, I rarely eat meat. But when he’s home, he works from home and will cook the meals, often on a ‘whatever-he-feels-like-having’ plan with frequent trips to the grocer with ‘pick-up-what-he’s-missing-for-his-meal’ lists.

I think it would be hard to follow any sort of ‘plan’ I make up on a weekly basis if hubby was throwing it all away when he decided he wanted to make a big roast on Thursday that week. What would I do with my fresh channa curry ingredients since we’d be out all weekend and not have a chance to make it? Would it all go to waste?

What works for you?

Maybe I will try it out for two weeks and see how things go. Maybe hubby will be convinced its a good idea once we get into the routine. I’m just afraid it will impeded his ‘creativity’ in the kitchen – he’s an AWESOME cook and I love when he whips us up an amazing dish. Mmmmm… hungry now!

A phenomenon in the blogosphere is ‘Menu Plan Monday‘. Every Monday I started to see posts titled Menu Plan Monday. I just thought everyone planned their menus for the week that day because the flyers came out and we knew what was on sale, or for some other unknown to me reason. I just did a search on my Swagbucks, and found out that I guess it is actually something that was organized by Laura at ‘I’m an Organizing Junkie‘. Here’s her menu plan for this week.

I’ll keep you posted on our Menu Planning progress. I’d love to hear how you plan out your weeks meals and grocery shopping. For our grocery shopping, we have a list we post on the fridge of our most commonly purchased items, organized in order by their appearance in the grocery store. When we notice we are out of an item, we check it off the list to make sure we pick it up next time we are out. It works really well for making sure we always have our staples in the house. Things like flour, eggs, butter, coffee…

  1. Hmm…will have to think about this one. We are fairly set in our schedules and I’m the only one who cooks (might have to introduce my husband to yours!) so menu planning works well for me. It sounds like it might not work for you. If I come across anything, I’ll let you know!

  2. I can’t do it. When I do try to menu plan for more than that night’s dinner I end up buying ingredients that I never use and having food I never eat.

    I know some people love it – my dad totally is into it – but I just don’t see how it would be practical for me personally.

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