November Goals

In Uncategorized on November 4, 2009 at 10:49 am

I’ve got to post an update on my No Spend Month for October and where I failed to keep to those goals, or where I succeeded, but I’ll have to do that once I tally everything up. I just haven’t had enough free minutes to do it yet.

In the meantime, I thought I would post a few goals I have for this month. Most are financial, since I’m trying to keep this blog directed in that realm of my life.

November Financial Goals:

– Make 50% of my Christmas gifts by November 30th.
– Decrease debt by $1000.
– Come under budget this month.
– Save money into tax account for small business.

There are only four goals, but I think I can reach them all. I’ve included making my Christmas gifts under financial goals because it really is a financial goal for me. By making my Christmas gifts, I am keeping out of the malls and stores and will be saving overall on my Christmas spending. I’ve gotten a bit sentimental in the last little while and making everyone individualized gifts really means something to me. I want my loved ones to have something thoughtful and useful as their gift this year. This season is about giving, and for me it is about giving time to our loved ones as well. Being together and cherishing the memories will be my focus for Christmas this year instead of the material items. Handmade gifts will hopefully have more meaning to everyone on my list.

This post got a little sidetracked from ‘financial goals’ to ‘Christmas’ but hey, there are only 50 days left!

  1. I agree, making Christmas gifts is definitely a financial goal. It saves money, money which can be put toward a debt or to offset the cost of your Christmas meal, etc. We love making our gifts here, especially teacher gifts.

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