Check Your Credit Score & Report

In Uncategorized on November 3, 2010 at 11:27 am

Today I invested in my credit rating. I bought my credit report and score online. Normally I request my free credit report in writing, or by phone, every year from each of the credit reporting agencies (Transunion and Equifax). I have them on a rotation so that I get a credit report mailed to me every six months. It keeps me feeling like I have a finger on the pulse of my credit. Fun! (and someone yells ‘nerd!’ from the crowd)

But today I spent the money and got my FICO Score. I haven’t done that in about two years. It is better than it used to be, but there were a few things I needed to attend to, and one thing on my report that I didn’t know was there!

An old joint account that had three missed payments! Eek! FICO don’t like 90 days past due. It was one of those annoying cards that add the interest even though you paid off the balance in full. Then they neglected to send us any statements for months. When I called to confirm that they received the payment they informed me that the account was still owing $6.11. I was so stinkin’ mad. I paid the stupid $6.11 and called immediately to confirm. I got them to not only mail me a letter but also to fax a written confirmation that it was paid and the account was closed. That account is closed, but now I just have to wait for it to drop off my report. Shouldn’t be long now..

The other housekeeping items I took care of were two things: one account that doesn’t get used and has been paid off for over 4 years. It was revolving credit, so I called them up and closed it. They are mailing me a confirmation letter. Check! The second item is to close off some of my paid credit cards. I’ve decided to close off Credit Card #1. As you may or may not recall, Credit Card #3 was dropped to a $500 limit. I’ve decided to use this one as my regular use card.

Here’s why.

It has no annual fee. It has only a $500 limit. They will give me 5% cash back on groceries and gas purchases for the first 6 months, then 3% after. Once my cashback credit gets to $50 they send me a cheque. Who can say no to free money? This works well for me as I’ve been using Credit Card #1 as my gas card. I charge all my gas purchases to it and pay it off right away (weekly). So I’ll just switch that habit to Credit Card #3 and cancel out Credit Card #1.

I will also be closing, or at least reducing the credit limit on, Credit Card #2 – the one I’ve had the very longest. It will be paid off in full in only three more payments. I can’t wait. At that point, I will be down to one credit card, or line of credit and will be just that much closer to my credit-card-debt-free life!

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