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Where Canadian Debt Girl Has Been

In updates on October 29, 2011 at 2:38 pm

I’m sure my regular readers have wondered where I went! It has been awhile, I know. But I’ve had my hands full with a new family addition. He arrived earlier than anticipated (but healthy and happy!) so I had to leave my blog (and work, and my old life) on short notice.

Now that I will be returning back to work and will be saying farewell to my awesome parental leave, I’ll get back to my blog (and debt repayment)! I’ve got tons of material on budgeting with only employment insurance, how to save money when off with a little one, the costs (or savings!) of children, and much much more. I can’t wait to get writing.

But I am so sad to be leaving my little one behind while I head off to work. I’ll write about that too, as well as the working female in childbearing years dilemma.